There is never much I can tell you about myself. Some things I let out, others are for you to find!

Who I Am

A Hardcore Mechanical Engineer at heart, who build India's first Batpod. I've build several projects for different organizations and have spoken about my work at several conferences and events.

A solo traveler; set foot on 7 countries (France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, China, Malaysia, USA and Nepal) so far. My love for travel, brings an aim to visit Mars in 2020.

I'm particularly enthusiastic about - Solar Physics, Robotics, Mechanical Design, & Automobiles. In my free time, I write poems and a few articles at MeineWalt and Medium.


What I do?

I am involved in the startup industry for over 5 years. So far founded 2 startups; AI Labs was started during my undergrad,which provided training and research promotion in colleges; and MentorBuddy began Dec 2014, an international student network to ease global education.

I've got a huge exposure in managing people though allied activities with several organizations (TEDx, IEEE, NASA, EWB-India) and also work as a Technology Consultant on a freelance basis. I also lead the social group ' Nagpur Startups' a local community of young entrepreneurs which has regular meetups and helps promote budding entrepreneurs.

Being a a huge Space tech lover, I study the Sun for any erratic behaviour. My research is consolidated on ResearchGate