I have some good news to share, that I have been selected to conduct a workshop at this year's FABLABS conference which happens in Shenzen, China (August 8-14, 2016). I would be conducting a robotics workshop - DIY Wall-E - which aims to build a personal service robot for home use. The bot is aimed to help you serve drinks, bring in snacks or just follow you where you want to.

About FabLab Con:
Each year members of the more than 1,000 worldwide Fab Labs gather to share, collaborate, explore and, of course, fabricate. In August 2016 we meet in Shenzhen, China a historically important city for manufacturing and making. Today China is embarking on a long-term program to foster innovation and technology, so the city is a perfect incubator for the digital fabrication revolution fab labs are bringing to the world.
Prev Year:

Assistance Required
In order to make this happen, I would be incurring a cost of INR 80k (USD 1200).
The break-up of the cost (INR) is
25,000 - Event Tickets (This is a 50% discount for trainers)
25,000 - Flight Tickets (Mumbai - HongKong Return)
10,000 - Visa Fees
20,000 - Workshop Supplies (Motors, Dev Boards, Batteries, etc)
My living expenses add up another 30,000 for the week's stay there.

Giving Back
In case if someone (organizations) would like to sponsor it, there are a few giveaways that are possible -

Gold (50k) - Workshop Title, Front & Back T-Shirt Logo, Biz Lead Generation, and all in Silver.
Silver (35k) - Powered By Title, Back T Shirt Logo, Biz Lead Generation, Social Media Mentions, Branding on Robot, and all in Bronze.
Bronze (20k) - Branding Materials, Social Media Mentions, Other mentions where ever possible.
I also do have an extra spot with for a discounted ticket if anyone is willing to join along.

About Me
A Hardcore Mechanical Engineer at heart, who build India's first Batpod. I've build several projects for different organizations and have spoken about my work at several conferences and events. I am a freelance Tech Consultant, helping people and startups build, modify or improve upon their products and services.

I could partner for any upcoming workshops in the future we conduct in India. It would be great if you could help me in any way possible to make this happen. If you or your organization would like to partner/sponsor for this or you could help me connect with people who would be interested.

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